Get Patients the Financial Support They Deserve

Published On: December 6th, 2021Categories: Patients, Specialty

Get Patients the Financial Support They Deserve

Patients with chronic conditions often face medications and treatments with higher copays and out-of-pocket costs. Ensuring patients have the financial support they need to receive their medication is critical to maintaining adherence and avoiding interruptions to their treatment plans. After a medication is prescribed, a practice is often too busy to research benefits for the patient. Specialty pharmacies make the process easier for patients by having strong relationships with drug manufacturers, insurance companies, and financial assistance organizations to be able to ensure coverage and cover medication costs. This allows patients to start or continue treatment and focus on their health and well-being.

Specialty Pharmacy Financial Assistance

Specialty pharmacies are staffed with specialists who are trained to look for opportunities to save patients money and get the financial assistance they need so treatment can begin without delay. A specialty pharmacy works with a patient’s insurance company to obtain prior authorization, which can ensure the correct documentation is submitted for coverage. An insurance company will determine if a patient qualifies under their specific guidelines. If a patient is approved, the benefits of the insurance policy will apply, thereby reducing the cost of the prescribed medication. If a drug is new, a patient’s insurance might not offer coverage, making other sources of financial support critical for patients to be able to afford their medication.

Insurance Deductibles and Copay Assistance

If a patient has not yet met a deductible, their deductible is set to renew, or a copay is too high, a specialty pharmacy can work to obtain sources of financial assistance. Specialty pharmacies can connect patients to the right resources for enrollment in financial assistance programs or with organizations that offer support. If a copay is too high for the patient, a specialty pharmacy can work to find manufacturer copay programs, which can help cover costs. The drug manufacturer often has a program that can lower or eliminate the copay expense.

Disease-Based Financial Support

Based on a patient’s financial need, not-for-profit organizations offer funds that are available to patients with specific diseases. Different types of cancer like leukemia, lung cancer, skin cancer and more might have special funds available to patients with that specific diagnosis. A specialty pharmacy can monitor the funds available from foundations offering assistance and connect their patients to receive support. These programs often help patients cover the expense of deductibles and copays.

At PFSP, we understand the costly burden of specialty prescriptions. PFSP’s mission is to serve a patient group with diverse needs and not exclude patients based on their financial needs. Our specialists are trained to look for opportunities to save patients money and obtain the financial assistance needed to receive treatment successfully.

PFSP Specialty Pharmacy provides patients and their physicians an exceptionally high standard of care with our growing team of specialized pharmacists and staff. Our dedicated team of pharmacists focus on improving adherence for patients and work to find an approach that works best for them. Bringing a fresh take on what a Specialty Pharmacy can and should be, we are committed to the care of our patients. We take pride in being an ethical resource within our community and strive each day to help our patients live enriching and full lives.