How Specialty Pharmacies Efficiently Mail Specialty Medications

Published On: August 9th, 2022Categories: Patients, Services, Specialty

Unlike retail pharmacies, where patients drop off a prescription, pick up refills, and take home their medications, specialty pharmacies ship medications directly to a patient’s front door. Specialty pharmacies ship medications used to manage complex, chronic conditions like cancer, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, and psoriasis. For a specialty pharmacy to be able to ship across the U.S., it must obtain state licenses to serve patients in each state. PFSP Specialty Pharmacy is licensed in all 50 U.S. states plus D.C. and is, therefore, able to help patients in a broader area. Because specialty medications come with strict protocols for storage and usage, delivering therapies without delay or interruption is key for patients to have a successful treatment journey. The staff at specialty pharmacies have extensive training and resources to ensure patients get the care they need, where they need it when they need it.

Shipping Efficiently

Guaranteeing the entire prescription process goes as smoothly as possible includes making sure patients receive their medications on time and without interruption. Specialty pharmacies have a team of experienced, detail-oriented shipping specialists committed to the care of each patient. Shipping patients’ medications efficiently relies on extensive coordination between pharmacists, manufacturers, and shipping services. Sometimes patients need to receive their medication as soon as possible, this might mean overnight services are required. Shipping specialists will evaluate the fastest options to get patients the treatment they need. Because therapies might be distributed from different locations across the U.S., clear communication and coordination with pharmacists ensure therapies are received on time every time.

Tracking Medications

Using technology to monitor shipments helps patients track the status and arrival of medication orders. Pharmacists work closely with shipping services to ensure medications arrive at the right location and on time. Medication storage guidelines are important to guarantee a treatment is not damaged or compromised during the shipping process. If a medication needs to stay cold, the shipping team takes extra care to make sure it is delivered cold when it arrives. Specialty medications are expensive, important treatments and shipping specialists pay close attention to each patient’s delivery needs. If a patient has multiple delivery locations or a change of address, shipping specialists work to ensure medication is delivered to the correct locations. In addition to tracking services, some medications require patients to sign for them, ensuring treatment gets into the right hands. If medication delivery is disrupted or lost, clinical pharmacists and coordinators work closely with manufacturers to ensure medication is available as soon as possible.

Monitoring the Weather

Shipping specialists and clinical pharmacists regularly monitor the weather to avoid potential delivery interruptions. Extreme weather like blizzards, hurricanes, and flooding could potentially interrupt a treatment protocol if medication is delayed or diverted. Because medication adherence is so vital to a specialty medication protocol, pharmacists work diligently to find an alternative or expedited way of getting patients their treatment.

At PFSP Specialty Pharmacy, our shipping specialists are held to a higher standard of care, as an accredited Specialty Pharmacy. We follow strict handling procedures and ensure each patient receives their medication as efficiently as possible. Ensuring patients have access to their lifesaving medications is at the forefront in all that we do. At PFSP Specialty Pharmacy, we know behind each shipment is a patient and we strive to deliver the best care available.

Additional Services from Specialty Pharmacies

PFSP Specialty Pharmacy strives to make the treatment process as easy as possible for all our patients. PFSP offers a variety of special services like one-on-one consultations, injection training, and 24-hour communication to help patients achieve the best outcomes possible. Every member of our expert team has an important role in helping our patients manage complex, chronic conditions. Learn more about the extensive services we offer today!

PFSP Specialty Pharmacy provides patients and their physicians an exceptionally high standard of care with our growing team of specialized pharmacists and staff. Our dedicated team of pharmacists focus on improving adherence for patients and work to find an approach that works best for them. Bringing a fresh take on what a Specialty Pharmacy can and should be, we are committed to the care of our patients. We take pride in being an ethical resource within our community and strive each day to help our patients live enriching and full lives.