How Specialty Pharmacies Help Oncology Patients

Published On: April 4th, 2022Categories: Patients, Specialty

Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer and other benign and malignant tumors. A cancer diagnosis is something no one wants to receive: uncertainty, worry, anxiety, and a vast amount of new information can be overwhelming. Oncology patients often work with specialty pharmacies to receive the medication and support needed for treatment. Specialty pharmacies are trained to understand the challenges and complications that arise from cancer treatments. There are various ways specialty pharmacies help oncology patients receive the best possible outcomes by working with patients throughout the treatment process. 


Delivering Specialized Care

Specialty pharmacists work with patients every step of the treatment journey. Patient support specialists provide educational resources to help patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment protocols. Pharmacists do thorough medication profiles on each patient to check for potential drug interactions and determine the best course of treatment. One-on-one consultations and regular health assessments help cancer patients manage their treatment. Cancer patients often have side effects like nausea, depression, weight loss, and fatigue. Patients often need additional support to navigate these symptoms and specialty pharmacies are an important resource for patients to understand their symptoms and be better prepared for future symptoms. Regular health assessments and frequent conversations with patients give pharmacists the opportunity to evaluate treatment and answer questions, which minimizes side effects and helps maintain medication adherence. 


Medication Adherence 

Medication to treat rare diseases, like cancer, often have strict protocols and guides for medication adherence. Specialty pharmacists have experience and training on how to manage specialty medication and maintain adherence. Medication adherence is critical for successful patient outcomes. Text messaging programs, continual communication, and specialty care coordinators help patients better understand their treatment protocols and take medications as prescribed. Missing a refill can interrupt a treatment plan and specialty pharmacies are equipped to prevent this disruption. The coordinated effort between patient, prescriber, and pharmacist helps manage cancer therapy successfully. 


Financial Assistance

Specialty pharmacies have expert staff to offer support for the financial aspect of cancer care. Investigating benefits, assisting with prior authorization, or applying for manufacturer assistance programs are ways a specialty pharmacy can help patients get the financial support they need to receive medication and avoid treatment delays. Billing specialists are able to ensure patients’ insurance coverage is maximized to reduce out-of-pocket costs as much as possible. 


How does PFSP help its oncology patients?

At PFSP, we want to ease your mind and support you through the entire treatment process. Our caring staff works with patients and providers to create a treatment plan, navigate medication therapy management, bring awareness to side effects, and work to maintain medication adherence. 


PFSP Specialty Pharmacy provides patients and their physicians an exceptionally high standard of care with our growing team of specialized pharmacists and staff. Our dedicated team of pharmacists focus on improving adherence for patients and work to find an approach that works best for them. Bringing a fresh take on what a Specialty Pharmacy can and should be, we are committed to the care of our patients. We take pride in being an ethical resource within our community and strive each day to help our patients live enriching and full lives.