PFSP, A Veteran-Owned Business: Meet Fabian Herrera, Founder, Owner, CEO

Published On: November 9th, 2023Categories: News & Events, Specialty, Uncategorized

PFSP Specialty Pharmacy, founded by Fabian Herrera, a former marine, has been making a difference in the lives of patients for almost a decade. Herrera, the founder, owner, and CEO of PFSP Specialty Pharmacy, recently shared some insightful details about the motivation behind starting PFSP, the value it brings to specialty pharmacy, and his goals for the future.

Putting Patients First

After spending five years in the pharmaceutical industry and working for three different retail pharmacies that had specialty in their name, Herrera noticed a common flaw – they weren’t truly accredited specialty pharmacies and were focused on revenue over actual patient care. Refill delays and patient compliance issues were prevalent, and Herrera recognized the need for a truly accredited specialty pharmacy that genuinely prioritized patients. This realization became the driving force behind the creation of PFSP – Patient First Specialty Pharmacy. Herrera aimed to shake up the industry and create a platform where patients receive the care and attention they deserve.

Exceptional Patient Care

At PFSP, the mission of putting patients first is not just a slogan but a way of life. Herrera emphasizes that building the right team was crucial to achieving this goal. The entire PFSP team is selfless and dedicated to the well-being of their patients. Unlike other pharmacies that prioritize revenue, PFSP’s team goes above and beyond to ensure each patient receives the best care possible. The focus on clinical excellence, strong patient-provider-pharma manufacturer relationships, and personalized attention sets PFSP apart from its competitors.

The PFSP Difference

While many pharmacies claim to prioritize ethics and patient concerns, PFSP truly lives up to its promises. Herrera believes that PFSP’s uniqueness lies in its collection of team members who always wanted to apply a patient-first philosophy but were hindered by their previous employers. At PFSP, these team members have found a place where they can genuinely practice their values. The pharmacy’s dedication to altruism and doing the right thing for patients has been the backbone of its success over the past ten years.

Future Goals: National Expansion


Looking ahead, Herrera envisions taking PFSP to a national level. Having achieved triple accreditations (URAC Specialty Pharmacy, ACHC Specialty Pharmacy, URAC Rare Disease) and obtaining licenses in all 50 states, PFSP is primed to help even more patients, doctors, and pharma manufacturers. However, the biggest challenge lies in spreading awareness about PFSP’s existence. Despite their remarkable performance, with a historical 95% patient satisfaction rating, 97% patient adherence and compliance rating, and efficient claim processing, PFSP needs to let people know they are here to make a difference.

PFSP Specialty Pharmacy, a veteran-owned business founded by Fabian Herrera, stands as a shining example of “what a Specialty Pharmacy can and should be” that puts patients first. Through their exceptional patient care, dedicated team, and commitment to making a difference, PFSP has been transforming the specialty pharmacy landscape for almost a decade. As they continue their journey, Herrera’s goal of national expansion will allow PFSP to touch the lives of even more patients, fulfilling their mission of providing exceptional care and support. 

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